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Hollisters electricity bill must be like $1 a month

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ugh boys

When someone tells boys You love them they say me too, but when a boy tells you I love You more»»

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He told me:

When you feel like cutting yourself, you’re going to take my arm, look me in the eyes and cut as many time you would do to you’re self. 

I told him:

I wouldn’t hurt you like that. 

Then I understood everything.
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A message to all selfharmers | via Tumblr unter We Heart It.
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I am balling right now. Someway, somehow we need to make this happen. I know what its like personally to be 4/5 of these girls and if this would been done a few years ago i might have been saved from years of self destruction and saddness. We need the boys to see this. We need to spread this everywhere because it is just too important. Tag #make diana happen
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If they can make it then so can you
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for anon  
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What kind of friend are you when you tell infront of the whole freaking classroom that you are going to cry yourself asleep because your “”“”best friend”“”” got a better grade than you on the exam. You should be like happy for her. So please stop.

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